Behind These Walls

The walls grow higher and higher
Blocking out the light
The life
Stealing me away into a shelter from which
I might never see the sun.

Behind these walls of solitude and seclusion
I’m protected
I’m desperate
To learn how to stop this shell from becoming
A tomb.

Will this be the way of it
Always and forever
Higher and higher
Stronger and stronger
Invulnerable in my vulnerability?

This is the way of it
Hidden, wasting away
I am unbreakable
Behind these walls
Because there will be nothing left to break.

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Waking Up

Almost 2 and a half years since I last posted anything here. Unbelievable… Methinks that means it’s time for a change? Time to bring out the paddles and shock this thing back to life.

It’s been an eventful few years, of course, so I shouldn’t feel too guilty about disappearing. Still, somewhere along the way I think I forgot why I even created a blog in the first place. Now that I (somewhat) recently joined Twitter – and started dipping my toes, very belatedly, into this whole “social media thing” – I believe I’m beginning to gain a better understanding of why I wanted to have my own little piece of the blogosphere to call home, and what I might want to do with it going forward.

So bear with me, world, as I redecorate, rethink, and reorient myself and my public presence(s) to better reflect what I want to say, and how I want to say it. It might take a while, but better late than never; it’s time to wake up.

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A precious gift
A candle flame
Burning in the dark
Comforting the heart

A deadly rift
The noose of blame
Trust is torn apart
Bare, the traitor’s mark

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Cycles / Spirals / Risk / Uncertainty

Returning / Regressing / Growing (?)

Not / Knowing…

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At A Loss

I dunno. Huh? I don’t know. I honestly do not know.

I’m not sure. I couldn’t say. Beats me. I can’t be certain.

Who knows? It’s anyone’s guess. I really have no idea.

I haven’t the foggiest. In fact, I don’t have a clue.

Do you?

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To take a step toward madness,
To walk into the storm;
To dwell upon the vastness,
And shun the blinding swarm.

To slip beneath the waves,
And sink into the gloom;
To swim among the graves,
And watch the tangles bloom…

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It can take a lifetime to learn
What we wish we had known from the start;
Though you might fumble,
With each step just follow your heart.

Clich├ęd as that sounds,
There’s no other way really to go,
And that is true now
As much as it was long ago.

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There are no words
To describe how I feel,
My staggering need
To burst from the shell

I’ve made, or that’s been made
By the world, to contain
All the dreams that
Struggle to break

Free, to escape,
To be real,
To take on a shape,
And find a mind
Other than mine
To steal.

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Such a curse is a smile
Shone our way,
Contaminates the heart
And invades the day.

It stirs the coals of longing
And throws fuel upon the flame
That burns me; yet I wonder
Which of us to blame,

For who can really know
The damage they do
With a look;
Or, for the starved,
The crumbs they might
Leave behind.

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I go around in circles
And walk a trail already made
From days before, from months and years
Of games already played.

Time wanders by and pauses
To see my strange parade,
And wonders at the point and sense
Of my cyclical crusade.

I wonder, too, what wisdom
Has led me back around;
If one more go, if one more try
Will show me different ground.

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