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Calm as the Eye of a Storm

I know this will wind up being a very short blog post (especially for me), but then, there’s a lot going on: a move is a big thing, after all. But I’m no longer scared. I’m excited. Sure, there are … Continue reading

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I’m scared. What I should be is asleep, but it seems my fears are getting the better of me, and perhaps what I need most right now is to express those fears, to use someone – or something – as … Continue reading

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Fire Dies

The fire dies, The spark has gone, The embers lose their glow; The soul gives in, The mind gives up, The heart begins to slow. But Death is not The culprit, no, It’s hope that’s burned away And with its … Continue reading

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Strange, the Flow

Strange, the wind Blows fast and Strong, lifting the Sand from far-off Lands and carrying It away to Distant, lonely shores. Strange, the waves Roll quick and Rough, stealing the Sand from far-off Lands and taking It away to Distant, … Continue reading

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