About Erik

Who am I, you ask? That’s not as easy a question to answer as it sounds. Can a few paragraphs really tell you who a person is? Can we really even put into words what defines us as human beings? We try all the time, and though we sometimes think we’ve succeeded in conveying “what we’re all about” to other people, it often turns out that, no, they actually don’t know that much about us after all. Still, we continue trying, hopeful that one day, in some way, we’ll truly be “understood.”

All I can say is that though I’ll try to write something a little more descriptive here at a later date, the best way to know what I’m about is to read my blog posts and over time get a picture of who I am through what I’ve written. You still probably won’t know as much about me as you might want to (or like 99.999% of the world, you might not care), but at least you’ll have assembled your own blurry image of who I am as a person instead of having me lecture to you here about all that is Erik.