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Let Light Invade

Let light invade, And drive the darkness all away; Let confidence come, And then tear self-doubt to shreds. Let sadness fade, And let not happiness be prey Nor hope succumb To life’s many fickle threads. Let anger go, And cast … Continue reading

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Always the Wall

Taking down a wall That will not go away; Grows stronger still and rises high, A little more each day. Breaking down the wall That just won’t go away; Chip here and there, but though I try, The wall seems … Continue reading

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Calm as the Eye of a Storm

I know this will wind up being a very short blog post (especially for me), but then, there’s a lot going on: a move is a big thing, after all. But I’m no longer scared. I’m excited. Sure, there are … Continue reading

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I’m scared. What I should be is asleep, but it seems my fears are getting the better of me, and perhaps what I need most right now is to express those fears, to use someone – or something – as … Continue reading

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Fire Dies

The fire dies, The spark has gone, The embers lose their glow; The soul gives in, The mind gives up, The heart begins to slow. But Death is not The culprit, no, It’s hope that’s burned away And with its … Continue reading

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Lonely in the Biggest Crowd

Funny thing about the Internet: it’s often a double-edged sword, at least when it comes to using it to feel “connected” to the world at large. It can bring you closer to people and allow you to feel like part … Continue reading

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Hard to Believe

A friend of mine recently e-mailed me a link to the White House’s newly updated Civil Rights page and pointed out the addition of a section on issues important to the LGBT community. I read through it, and I have … Continue reading

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Losing the Way

I’m in a rather contemplative mood at the moment. I suppose I’m always kind of in a contemplative mood at some level, given my perhaps overdeveloped self-awareness (and/or self-consciousness), but tonight it’s especially palpable. And for good reason: touched off … Continue reading

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As a quick-and-concise follow-up to my previous post on failure, a bit of wisdom from Sir Winston Churchill: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

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What is failure? The word can mean many things, but it seems to universally, across its myriad uses, have a strongly negative connotation – at least to my mind. I suppose there’s an argument to be made that a failure … Continue reading

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