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At A Loss

I dunno. Huh? I don’t know. I honestly do not know. I’m not sure. I couldn’t say. Beats me. I can’t be certain. Who knows? It’s anyone’s guess. I really have no idea. I haven’t the foggiest. In fact, I … Continue reading

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It can take a lifetime to learn What we wish we had known from the start; Though you might fumble, With each step just follow your heart. Clichéd as that sounds, There’s no other way really to go, And that … Continue reading

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I go around in circles And walk a trail already made From days before, from months and years Of games already played. Time wanders by and pauses To see my strange parade, And wonders at the point and sense Of … Continue reading

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He found But did not seek; Could not recognize A soul unique. Too jaded by the crowds; Eyes open wide, He fooled his mind and fled Somewhere inside. I waited there, So long for him to see, But could not … Continue reading

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Small steps forward; Looking back, Fall behind; Stay on the track. Crawling forward, Nails gone black; The goal in mind, Keep up attack.

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Going Forward

Gotta go forward; I don’t know where I’ll end up, But here goes nothing…

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Same thing, Same thing Every day; No change, No change In work or play. Steady, Stagnant, Tame decay; Tired, Familiar, Life as cliche. Uncommon, Different, Something new; Defiant, Disturbed, Contrary few. Surprise, Confound, Avoid routine; Live life As human, Not … Continue reading

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Let Light Invade

Let light invade, And drive the darkness all away; Let confidence come, And then tear self-doubt to shreds. Let sadness fade, And let not happiness be prey Nor hope succumb To life’s many fickle threads. Let anger go, And cast … Continue reading

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You Are Here

They say that wherever you go, there you are – “they” being, of course, that inexplicably all-knowing, strangely anonymous yet supposedly unerring font of collective human wisdom from which I would ordinarily try to take any advice with a grain … Continue reading

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What a funny thing it is, that a blog can feel neglected. Or rather, that the blogger feels neglectful, I should say, since of course a blog can’t feel anything, so far as we know. (Ghost in the machine? An … Continue reading

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