I’m angry at you
For not being able to see inside my head;
I’m angry at myself
For not knowing how to show what can’t be said.

So very angry
That my veneer conceals too much,
That it obscures what’s underneath.
I’m angry, bursting
To expose and let you find
What you won’t take the time to look for.

There is a light somewhere in there,
I swear!
Worlds and worlds inside my mind,
Too far away from sight

And I am angry, raging mad
And furious, seeing red,
Because you won’t comprehend -

So very angry, going mad,
Despairing, so misread -
How much is mere pretend.

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He found
But did not seek;
Could not recognize
A soul unique.

Too jaded by the crowds;
Eyes open wide,
He fooled his mind and fled
Somewhere inside.

I waited there,
So long for him to see,
But could not hope
For what would never be.

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The desperate call,
The desperate cry;
The longing look,
The downcast eye.

The silent whisper,
The wretched sigh;
The aching hunger,
How much he tries;

And tries again,
But seems always to go wrong.

So desperate to find love…
That hope can burn so long.

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And So It Goes

And so it goes, on and on, running onwards, racing on.

And so they go, the hours and days and weeks and months; time goes flying on.

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Small steps forward;
Looking back,

Fall behind;
Stay on the track.

Crawling forward,
Nails gone black;

The goal in mind,
Keep up attack.

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Different Ways

My future selves go different ways,
Don’t know which one to follow;

Behind, my past selves mark the maze,
All statues now gone hollow.

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Earning the Darkness

Lost in the light,
With no one there to see;
Then shadows come,
And darkness sets me free.

Free to retreat,
To find that place inside,
Where worlds are made
To hide the world outside:

A world too bright,
Too real to comprehend;
The dreams preserve
The peace of just-pretend.

But morning waits,
Awaits my tired return;
I brave the light
To one more darkness earn.

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Going Forward

Gotta go forward;
I don’t know where I’ll end up,
But here goes nothing…

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Screaming inside;
There’s no one who hears.
Aching inside,
For too many years.

Frustration, inside;
There’s no one who sees.
Desperation, inside,
The frantic disease.

Inside, all inside;
Appearing unstirred.
Untroubled, outside;
The tempest unheard.

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Unto the Day

Take me out unto the day,
Take me from this night;
Drown the moon,
Set sun alight,
And take me far away.

Play me then a merry tune,
Play me from my woes;
Banish mind,
My thoughts compose,
And play my afternoon.

Hide me now, and keep me blind!
Hide me from the truth:
Darkness comes,
Devours my youth;
Oh, hide me here, enshrined.

Still moon moves and sun succumbs,
Melodies unwind;
Dusk too soon,
I’m left behind,
Alone to wait the day.

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